Content Experience Documentation

This is the technical documentation of THRON Player, intended for developers and integrators, here you will find:

  1. Release notes of each Player's version, with full changelog and default templates available for download.
  2. Embed code parameters to let you customize embed codes at will or to build new ones via API.
  3. Player's methods to customize behavior using javascript functions.
  4. All the events fired by the Player, to which you can hook in order to create custom integrations.

The goal is to provide a complete tool to let you customize and enhance the features offered by the Player or to make personalized interactions with any web page.

Release Notes


  • New embed parameter, trackingDelay, to delay tracking events for live content.
  • The event advAllCompleted is now fired regardless if the ads completed with success or not.
  • The content API now returns the creation date of the reproduced content in addition to other informations.


  • Changed some video quality labels for progressive videos.


  • Fixed a bug that caused some events to be fired after the player was destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused advertising not to be shown correctly on some devices.


  • Improved channel parsing


  • Added some new colors for the preloader.


  • Fixed a bug that caused some playlist elements issues


  • Fixed a bug that caused some qualities not to be listed for HLS video contents.
  • Fixed a bug that caused qualities to be in the wrong order for progressive download videos.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some qualities from being chosen as default when reproducing progressive download videos.


  • Improved downloadable content menu usability for mobile devices
  • Improved linked content usability for mobile devices


  • Document content now support copy/paste functionality (only for downloadable ones)
  • On iOS devices, video and video gallery will now use THRON player skin in fullscreen instead of the native one (only for iPad devices with iOS version >= 12.2)


  • New embed parameter, video360, to playback 360 Video.
  • Poster is now shown correctly in Live Events on Safari.


  • Updated muted parameter. When player is embedded muted it prevents volume to be changed: content will always be muted
  • Redesigned volume control ux. Clicking on the speaker icon toggles volume on and off (it does not mute)
  • Autoplay videos will now start with volume 0. This is required by modern browsers to allow content autoplay. If browser allows it the user can re-activate audio by interacting with the volume icon
  • Volume control is now always shown on mobile devices to allow toggling audio on autoplaying content
  • Live content now supports 1080p and 1440p streams
  • Live content now supports multiple audio tracks
  • Security improvements
  • Fixed a bug that caused recommended content being shown with an incorrect aspect ratio
  • Custom pcrOptions will apply just on the first content. Subsequent content playbacks will apply content type's default parameters (see pcrOptions documentation for details)


  • Fixed some security issues



  • Increased compatibility of autoplay videos with the latest MacOS/Safari version


  • Fixed a bug that caused images to stretch by changing content via API
  • Fixed a bug that caused 360° Product View to stop working by clicking on linked content


  • New embed parameter, pauseOtherPlayers, to pause all other video instances of the Player when a video is played


  • Added index and preview sidebar for document player


  • Improved live event reconnection in iOS devices


  • Subtitles compatibility with iOS devices has been added


  • Player can handle "360 Product View" content type
  • Player can display recommended content


  • Increased compatibility with WebView-based applications


  • The jQuery version used by the player has been updated


  • Better management of content’s description displayed over the player
  • Added tooltip for content’s title when truncated


  • New embed parameter to mute advertising


  • Dynamic bitrate of video content now supports up to 5000kbps
  • Quality can now be manually selected on live events too
  • Fixed a bug that prevented advertising from running on some versions of Android and iOS
  • Fixed a bug that forced the userLanguage param to "undefined" when editing a template with the Advanced code editor
  • Fixed a bug that, in the presence of an AdBlocker, caused the video stream to be blocked, but the audio was still reproduced
  • Fixed a bug that prevented posters to be displayed correctly upon live events interruptions
  • Fixed a bug that caused the quality selector to blink upon click


  • Fixed a bug that prevented to skip to documents' last page using keyboard
  • Updated some examples in the CE documentation


  • Fixed a bug that caused a loader to briefly appear right after the start of a video content.


  • New Player (CE) now supports "Live" content type
  • New parameter to disable waveform generation when embedding an audio
  • New parameter to lock video display at the highest available bitrate
  • New parameter to control minimum size of the document player. Below this size the player will be embedded in "thumbnail" mode and will enter fullscreen once tapped/clicked
  • Fixed some bugs for an improved user experience.


  • A completely refurbished graphic
  • Player customization much simpler and more intuitive
  • Improved class css conflict management
  • Improved execution performances
  • New important features, such as:
    • Quality change for video and video playlists
    • Immersive zoom for images and image playlists
    • Real audio wave for audio and playlist audio

Within THRON Dashboard there is a whole new section that allows you to manage all the Player's customizations and the related embed codes; it is called "CONTENT EXPERIENCE MANAGER".
This section will let you customize the look and feel of the Player with two editing modes:

  • Visual mode, which allows you to customize the colors of our player via buttons and inputs
  • Code mode, which allows you to customize our player by modifying the style (css) and behavior (js) of our basic customization

These js and css files which implement each Player's customization will be automatically included by the Player itself, so that you do not have to manually include them on every website!

You can view the basic css and js files of each Player's version within the "CONTENT EXPERIENCE MANAGER" section of THRON Dashboard, or if you prefer, you can download the sources here